N215 - Dozer

Course Duration:

1–10 depending on experience



NPORS work in the following sectors; Industrial, Construction, Utilities, Warehousing and Distribution, Agricultural, Ports and Marine.


Experienced Worker Test,
upon successful completion the candidate will be able to:


  • Carry out pre-start inspection.Operate safely under varying site conditions.

  • Carry out minor adjustments and routine service.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities under relevant legislation.

  • Operate the machine safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers manual and instructions and accepted good practice.


Course content


  • Pre-operational Checks

  • Demonstrated correct way to hold locating tool/generator

  • Swept area for underground apparatus & recorded any findings

  • Demonstrated Pinpointing and Tracing in ‘P’ Mode

  • Demonstrated Pinpointing and Tracing in ‘R’ Mode

  • Demonstrated Induction using Generator

  • Demonstrated Direct Connection

  • End of Search: Inspect all equipment used for Defects, Clean Equipment, Stow Equipment Away Correctly, and Remove Battery Pack.

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