About E-learning

E-learning is learning or training which is undertaken using electronically based approaches. It can simulate tasks and work environments, give access to knowledge and accommodates many learning styles.  It is the responsibility of the provider to ensure that e-learning training is completed in a way that suits the trainee(s). Therefore, providers must decide how they wish to facilitate the e-learning training In considering how best to facilitate e-learning providers need to ensure that:

Trainees have access to a computer to complete their learning
Trainees have access to the internet
The learning environment is free from interruptions and distractions
Trainees have the necessary computer skills to undertake their learning

When you use the 'Book & Pay' button you will be taken to Paypal to complete your transaction.  Toland Training will send you an email with your login details to complete the E-Learning course.  You will also receive Rural Skills Accredited details upon completion of your course.  If you have any questions about our Rural Skills e-learning courses please contact us on 02871 374848 or email info@tolandtraining.com