N723 – Harness and Fall Arrest Course


1/2 - Day



To give the delegate a basic understanding of the safe use of the equipment .  The delegate will develop an awareness of the Legal and practical implications of preventing falls from MEWP's and other areas where working at height, and learn to identify and select the correct form of Harness and lanyard.


Experienced Worker Test,
upon successful completion the candidate will be able to:


Demonstrate the skills and knowledge to choose, inspect, fit and use a safety harness with appropriate lanyard.


Course Summary


P.P.E. Regulations
Work at Height Regulations
Relevant regulations/legislations
Design and types of harness
When to wear a harness
How to fit a harness
Fall factors
Inspection records
Safe anchorage
Fall arrest lanyard
Work restraint lanyard
Shock absorber lanyard
Defect identification and reports

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