N139 – Forward Tipping Mini Dumper


Novice: 1 – 4 Days
Refresher and Test: Duration 1 Day
Experienced Worker Tests (EWT): Duration: 1 Day



To train novice and existing operators who have received no formal training in forward and side tipping, rigid and articulated, dumpers and to train operators to correctly prepare, safely drive and maintain a Forward Tipping Dumper or Rear Dump Truck.


Experienced Worker Test,
upon successful completion the candidate will be able to:


Operate the machine to a minimum standard.
Fit and operate ancillary equipment.
Site the machine safely and efficiently.
Know which minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures are necessary, and be able to carry them out.
Prepare the machine for travelling on the public highway.
Understand the capabilities, purposes and limitations of each machine.
Apply all necessary safety precautions.
Understand how diesel engines work and how various parts of the machine operate.


Course Summary

Site Safety Awareness.
Operating Safety Code.
Introduction to machine / Control Familiarisation.
Pre-Start Checks and Refuelling.
General Operating Practice unladen and laden.
Travel over rough, undulating ground, steep inclines and level surfaces- loaded and unloaded.
Explain actions required for hazards underground and overhead services.
Ensure load integrity and security.
Transfer loads to different locations.
Loading & Unloading Practices.
NPORS Multi-Choice Theory Test.
NPORS Practical Skills Test.

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